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Hints & Tips for Boat Building/Restoring

  Hope you find these hints and tips useful, and in good faith, as we cannot be responsible for the results of your actions.

    If you have any good ideas and tips from your experiences in boat-building & maintenace we will be glad to hear of them. Please see our Contact Us page for our email address.


  1. When fixing plug dowels into screw holes, put the required amount of plugs into a container with some glue in. Mix well, then put plug dowels into the screw holes and tap in. If you think you may need to be able to remove the plug dowels in future, dip them into neat Varnish not glue. They will stick in place, but can be removed later with a heat gun, carefully.

  2. Save on the Acetone by using an empty Acetone drum. Pour into this the used Acetone. The sediment will settle. This Acetone can be re-used as the first wash for brushes/containers, then finish off with fresh Acetone for final cleaning.

  3. Always drill pilot holes when screwing or using grip-fast nails. The first pilot hole through the first and second  timber should be the same size as the core of the screw/nail. The second pilot hole through the first timber only should be the same size as the outside diameter of the screw/nail threads.

  4. Keep a magnet handy when utilizing stainless steel screws. If there is no attraction they are A4. If there is some attraction then they are A2. If there is total attraction definitely not stainless.

  5. When using PVA Wood glue or Expanding Glue in the plastic bottles, ensure all air is expelled when finished, plug the top and store upside down..

  6. If you get air bubbles on the surface of WET epoxy - just blow on the surface - not spit - and they disappear.

  7. Have your own land, and ideally a large enough workshop. Ensure also you are not a burden, or beholden to anyone if you are building it at home.

  8. If you do use a Tarpaulin to cover her, ensure adequate ventilation.

  9. Removal of cured epoxy and P.V.A. glue can be done with a heat-gun and scraper. Be careful though.

  10. When making something, for example on a lathe and you need to make two opposites in two halves, Stick a piece of paper between them and clamp them together until the glue is dry. The paper will ease separation of the two pieces once the turning completed.

  11. When using a plumb line in breezy conditions, use a jug(clear) of water and hang the plumb in the water. It helps to dampen the plumb bob's movement,

  12. When routering a piece of wood. Always go anti clockwise around the wood on the outside edges looking from the top, and clockwise on the inside edges looking from the top, unless the wood fibres are prone to tear out, in which case very carefully go in the opposite direction.

  13. We are led to believe that white vinegar is good for cleaning brushes and bits ?. Works well on epoxy and costs a lot less than most products.


Yes, here I am, craft fair season well under way and I'm still trying to build stocks!


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