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These are extracts from the Diaries being kept. Click on the extract of interest below, to open the pages.

  1. How we came to take on a Yacht Building Project.

  2. The Hull 'Emerald' as we took the project on. February 1992.

  3. Laminating BulkHeads, Bought Engine, Starting on Companionway. March/April 1992.

  4. Working on Companionway, Cockpit sides and back, Deck ply inserts. May/June 1992.

  5. Ply Inserts in Forward and Side Decks. July 1992.

  6. Re-making of the Main Cabin Front. August 1992

  7. Continuing with Main Cabin Front. September 1992.

  8. Fixing in place the New Main Cabin Front. Making up New Main Cabin Coachroof Beams. September 1992.

  9. Fitting in Main Coachroof beams. Making Companionway hatch frame. October 1992.

  10. Completing fixing Main Cabin Coachroof beams and ply inserts. November 1992.

  11. Starboard Deck ply Inserts completed. Redundancy Strikes. December 1992.

  12. Making up Forward Hatch. Battening Forward Cabin Front. January/February 1993,

  13. Battening outer Forward Cabin Sides. Getting the original Rudder & Shaft out. March/April 1993.

  14. Forepeak Strengthening. Fitted Cockpit Sides. Start on remake of Rudder. May/June 1993.

  15. Battening Main Cabin Outer Sides. Laying 2nd layer plywood on sides and aft deck. July/August 1993.

  16. Moving House twice in three months. Starboard cabin side battens fixed in place. September to December 1993.

  17. Land Owner wants us out !. Fixing in place the aft deck 2nd layer plywood. January to March 1994.

  18. Fixing in place the covering boards. Search for alternative home for the Boat . April/May 1994.

  19. Rudder completed enough to fit. Cockpit well sides fitted. Dropboards made. June/July 1994.

  20. Preparations to move 'Emerald' to a proper Boatyard. August 1994.

  21. Having to move 'Emerald' to a proper Boatyard. August 1994.

  22. Levelling up the Hull. Epoxy coating on bare timber. Battling against the weather. September 1994.

  23. Marina Charges go Up. Started Companionway Hatch area. Battening down for winter. October 1994 to January 1995.

  24. Tying tarpaulin half naked!, making cockpit sole and cockpit hatch frame. February 1995 to May 1995.

  25. Starting on Stainless Steel Tabernacle. Making up Companionway Hatch. June 1995 to July 1995.

  26. Completion of Companionway Hatch and Runners. August 1995 to September 1995.

  27. Making Hatch for a Canal Barge. Boat Yard Hassle. Companionway Hatch finishing touches. September 1995 to May 1996.

  28. Continuing work on Tabernacle & Main Hatch.. High Marina Charges forces 2nd move. June 1996 to May 1997.

  29. Getting levelled and setup again. Running the engine in the back garden. June 1997 to April 1998.

  30. Repair Cradle, Prepare to Move & Tabernacle in the making 1999

  31. Boat Move 2000, Replacing Platform Steps 2002, Work in Cockpit area, and buying Flexiteek 2003

  32. Planing Covering board, Moving Emerald, in the Marina, yet again 2005

  33. At long last - moving Emerald undercover, with workshop facilities. Fantastic.     

* * UPDATE * *    After finally managing to get 'Emerald' back undercover during 2006, and the project was making positive headway,  it was tragic that the Captain/Boat Builder/Master Carpenter passed away following a hereditary illness. Sadness still overshadows the project, it is such a great loss to the project, but the remaining crew member is determined to complete 'Emerald', launch her and dedicate 'Emerald' in memory of the Captain.

  1. Sanding inside, Making Workbenches, Cutting templates and plywood for decking.

  2. Sticking down the last layer of Deck plywood & making up quadrants

  3. Photos of latest progress

  4. ....

  5. ....

  6. Portlights going in

  7. ....

  8. literally levelling up to Launching!!....



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