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We are posting on this page some of the feedback from visitors to this Website, which we feel would compliment the contents of this web site, and also be of interest to other visitors. Please refer to the Contact Us page for details on how to Email us.


"a great read ... a labour of love and more than a a few cups of tea drunk when problems arise ..." J.M.

"With pleasure I have visit your site and ask a polish sailmaker to translate te words you ask for. Hereby its enclosed ( in word ) and done with pleasure. Happy Sailing." B.A.

"Great job, looks like you guys had quite a time, but don't give up...That is good." R.B.

"........ Thank you profusely. By the way you web site is fantastic." L.M.

"Excellant website, very interesting and informative. One of my favourite 3 or 4 on the whole WWW." K.K.

"my very good friend Lek Vowensa had one of these when he was president of Solidarity (and later president of Poland) he always sung its praises as a handsome little craft.On second thoughts he might not have it now as he is back on the tools, oh well thats the way the tide runns. Bye for now. Shmolatofffff. " K.V.

"Thanks! I was able to access your sight.Cant wait to get back to it.Very impresive all the documentation of the step by step work you have done. I wish I had taken a little more time with my project and documented things more thorough. Although I was thinking well enough ahead to take a lot of photos. Wish you well in your endeavour I hope things go well. So long for now I'll be checking back on your web sight." E.P.

"So I am not the only one I have been fitting out a new (unlaunched) 33ft hull for the last ten years as time and finances have permitted. I think it will be completed this season. Best of luck with yours." I.S.

"Thanks very much for the information and the pictures and literature. Yes, My boat is definitely a King's Amethyst. I have owned the boat for 10 years and this is the first real information that I have received about her. I am very excited about it!! There is another King's Amethyst owner whom I found on the internet in Australia who would be extremely interested in the information that you have. I would like to forward this email to him....us Polish boat owners should stick together! Please stay in touch." C.B.

"First of all, a complement !!. REALLY impresive web page (we're jealous) ........" R&N

"Yes, I do speak English, although my teachers claim I don't LOL. Szmaragd is my Dad's property and I know a little about it, but if you want to I can ask him. I think the only difference between our boats is that ours is wooden. Those words and phrases on your website look like you are building the yacht. Are you? If so, my Dad can help, I think. He rebuilded ours from the very beginning. Szmaragds... there are three (AFAIR) here, but they are composite ones, our is wooden. My Dad remembers that there was one more and somebody bought it. Maybe it's yours now, i don't know." M.P.L...


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